simple cross leg. by s.jillian
simple cross leg., a photo by s.jillian on Flickr.

i’m embarking on a new project this year – i plan on posting a new photo every week in 2012. here’s number one. i’m part of a group of photographers doing this focus52 project. (click focus52 icon at the bottom of the page if you want to know more)

*new* is the word of the week for focus52. i’ve been thinking a lot about what that means to me.

*new* is often associated with *different* or *better*. one of my intentions this year is to observe and honor what is, without judging or trying to change it. maybe it’s an emotion, a sensation, a sound, a taste, another person, or even a relationship. the more i practice this, the more even familiar things look and feel *new* to me. it all depends on how i look at it, think about it…it all depends on my perspective.

very zen of me, huh? can you tell i went to yoga this morning!? ;)

so, here’s is to challenging myself to view things from *new* perspectives.