i fell hard and fast for these lovelies.

i have a personal conflict with clothes and fashion, in general. i love clothes. love, love, love. but i hate shopping for them. the malls, the crowds, the endless racks and piles, the sales people. ugh. and the PRICES! $50 for a white t-shirt? seriously? i get so overwhelmed that i usually just i give up, buy a latte, and go home. enter online shopping. it’s truly saved my fashion life.

i’m frugal. a total deal-seeker. in fact, i hate buying anything unless i feel like i’m getting an amazing deal. like i’m WINNING the shopping game. i know what you’re thinking and i realize as i’m writing this that that is ridiculous. that’s what they WANT me to think, isn’t it? that’s what keeps me coming back for more, right?

whatever. i don’t like to think about it that way. i enjoy the personal satisfaction i get when i pay less than half of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. especially when what i scored is as awesome as these new wedge ankle boots. they rock. and the fact i got a great deal makes them rock even more.

an out-of-order and very belated 52 week post.
{6:52} focus52: still life.