hi.  i’ve missed it here.  things have been busy, busy, busy for us lately.  and my poor 52 week project has been neglected.  the good news is i haven’t missed a week of taking a photo – i’ve managed to eek something out each week. but, editing and posting is a whole other story.  and i can’t say i’m 100% proud of what i’ve been shooting lately, but it is what it is.

i often wonder how other people seem to do so much more than i can manage to accomplish.  bloggers and other hobbiest photographers come to mind.  i follow a fair amount of inspiring women – most everyone seems to have a job and still manages to cook what appears to be amazing food, take (and edit?!?) gorgeous photos, and post to their blogs with much more frequency and consistency than i do.  and i’m sure they have lives beyond their computers.  and some of them even have children. how?  i can’t figure it out.

whatever the reason, i’m envious.  i love photography and happily spend time tinkering around photoshop, posting photos, performing random acts of blog posting, and ogling over others’ lovely images – when i have time.  and when i don’t, it all takes a back seat.  the truth is, as you can see, sometimes i will be grossly behind because life and other priorities will get in the way.  but, i will continue to do this – no matter how inconsistently.  because it makes me happy.

okay, enough sulking.  on to the photos…

week 11: plan b.  the 52 week prompt was “green” in the spirit of st. paddy’s day. i had this great idea to buy and shoot some green french macarons from our favorite bakery, nuvrei.  come to find out their green pistachio macarons are more dull, grey-green than the shamrock green i had envisioned.  so much for that idea.  this blueberry muffin that i picked up for adam when i was scoping out the macarons was too delicious looking not to take a photo of.  so, here’s to plan b.

week 12:  minimal.  no good story to go along with this one.  it’s just a fork.  that’s it.