week 15.  otherwise referred to around here as hell week.  it was pretty brutal by my standards.  i had a near 60-hour work week.  and i endured the most grueling week of our half-marathon training program, which culminated in a 14-mile trail run that almost killed me on saturday.  to top it all off, i’ve been dealing with a particularly persistent case of insomnia (stress related, perhaps?). awesome.

the good news?  it’s over and a new week is upon us.

i didn’t have anything in mind for my week’s photo.  i just wanted to take a picture of something that brings me a little bit of joy.  this necklace is a recent treat i picked up for myself at betsy & iya, a lovely little boutique i adore.

amour {love}. i am blessed to have a lot of it in my life and try not to take it for granted. even during hell week.