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what’s better than a cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea on a cold, rainy, wintry day?  not much.

“cold” was the focus52 prompt this week.  which is rather ironic considering the fact that we are having a pretty glorious stretch of sun and higher temps this week (yay!).  so, i opted to capture an image of what i crave when i’m freezing and suffering from the winter blahs.  this is definitely it.

what helps get you through the cold, dark days of winter?

thank you to everyone who has commented on my project both here and on flickr.  your kind, encouraging words mean so much.


also on fickr here.

“black and white” was the prompt this week. i had several ideas that didn’t quite pan out and others that i just didn’t have the energy to execute at 3 p.m. on saturday. this was one of a few last-ditch efforts to have something for the week.

it’s funny. i thought this was going to be an easy assignment. take a good picture, turn it to black and white in photoshop, and voila!….not so. i took lots of pictures, but i couldn’t decide which one was THE one. this is where my type-a personality gets the best of me: too dark; too light; not enough contrast; too much contrast; not interesting enough, etc. arg! i’m still not sure if this is it. but, a decision had to be made and here it is. i will share some of the other contenders later this week.

as you can tell, i’ve taken all self portraits for this 52 week project so far. it’s not my plan to do that every week. that’s just the way it’s been turning out so far. i promise i won’t make you look at me every week of the year. i’m a little too self-conscious for that.

p.s. in case you were wondering. yes, i’m wearing my wedding dress. part of another idea that didn’t work out as planned. it was strange putting it on again. it’s been a while. while it is still so lovely, it didn’t have quite the same magical feel as my wedding day.  but, really, how could it?

i am...a by s.jillian
i am…a, a photo by s.jillian on Flickr.

“i am…” was the focus52 prompt this week.

i am…a

dog owner
full-time attorney
self-taught chef
health nut
sun worshiper

i am me.

also on flickr here.