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one of my very favorite things to do on saturday morning in the summer is to walk to the farmers market at portland state university.  it is by far the largest farmers market i’ve even been to.  if you love food, it’s pretty much nirvana.  imo, the market gets better every year.  more variety, different vendors, and more excitement.  it’s not exactly a well-kept secret, however.  so if you’re a serious market shopper and really need those leeks for saturday night dinner, you better get there early.  berry season will soon be upon us, which is really when the market gets into full swing – i can’t wait.  being one of my favorite places on earth, i couldn’t pick just one photo…so here are 6!

being a perfectionist is a tough job.  you spend most of your life trying to make things better.  it’s a blessing and a curse.  one of the hardest things to do if you’re a perfectionist is to just appreciate what is happening right now. at least that’s what i struggle with. i have to consciously tell myself to pay attention and enjoy the moments i’m in rather than think about the moments that just passed or that are coming up.  but then, every once in a while, things just fall into place and enjoying and relishing in the now is pure ease. that is what happened last weekend.

adam and i drove up to seattle and spent a glorious weekend together and with friends.  the highlights: dinner at sitka and spruce with 2 of our dear friends; a gorgeous, sunny, 12-mile run around the city; sitting in the sun, drinking wine and watching all of our friends’ kids run around and play on the slip-n-slide; more sun and wine followed by dinner and connecting with some of our best friends in the entire world.

all of it was simply perfect.

we’ve been away in paradise for eight glorious days.  i’ve been largely offline.  and it’s been wonderful – all of it – including the being offline part.  but, i couldn’t help but catch up on my 52 week project by posting one of the many shots i’ve snapped since we’ve been here.  i’ll share more when we get back next week.  i’m off to sip another mai tai :)

focus52 prompt: light.