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life gets in the way. it’s the cold, hard truth for us all. so, despite my best efforts and intentions to keep my weekly photo project up to date, it simply hasn’t happened. not only am i behind, but i’ve just flat skipped some weeks. so, here are the lost, but not forgotten weeks, 9, 21, 22, and 25:

week 9: this is the complementary mai-tai that was included in the very touristy-yet-very-fun luau we went to during our trip to honolulou in february/march. we went with my parents and had an absolute blast. great memories…

week 21: can you tell they’re cousins? elena came to visit us over memorial day weekend and it was unbelievably fun. we dragged her to bend with us to see the shins concert – in the freezing cold. i’ve known elena since she was 11 and have watched her grow into one of the most beautiful, amazing, inspirational people i know. she’s only 20 and has her whole life ahead of her…it’s so fun to see the world through her eyes. i wish i had been that awesome when i was 20.

week 22: we celebrated our 4th anniversary by taking a day-trip to the willamette valley for a little bit of wine tasting. it was a perfect day in all respects. this is an entirely unedited photo, i’m happy to say. i took this at archery summit, which is now one of my favorite local wineries. they have the coolest underground tasting room and some of the best pinot i’ve ever tasted.

week 25: we had the honor and privilege of being guests at corey and melanie’s wedding. they are an absolutely stunning couple and you can just tell that they were made for each other. weddings rock. taking low-light photos with an iphone does not rock.

i am VERY excited!  after months (years?) of agonizing over the decision, i finally broke down and bough a new camera! a canon mark ii, to be exact. it was definitely a big investment, but one i think will be totally worth it. marshawn was one of my first subjects victims as i roamed the house testing my new baby out.

as you might guess, he was less than thrilled that i wanted to take a hundred pictures of him instead of giving him dinner. it’s tough being so adored. such a hard life this one has.



catching up!

i had little time to shoot or think about shooting on week 16.  and, obviously, no time to upload anything.  here’s is a little something that caught my eye as i was on my way back home from putting in a 7-hour workday…on a saturday.  random, pink, cute.

looking at this makes me think about all of the things that we miss noticing when we are rushing about our daily lives.  particularly when we are crazy busy. and sometimes when we are not. that’s one of the things i love about photography: it forces me to look for and notice things. and then, even better, think about capturing them in a way that is creative, interesting, beautiful, etc. it makes me look at my world a little differently than i normally would. not all of the time, mind you, but certainly more often that i would if i didn’t love doing this so much.