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being a perfectionist is a tough job.  you spend most of your life trying to make things better.  it’s a blessing and a curse.  one of the hardest things to do if you’re a perfectionist is to just appreciate what is happening right now. at least that’s what i struggle with. i have to consciously tell myself to pay attention and enjoy the moments i’m in rather than think about the moments that just passed or that are coming up.  but then, every once in a while, things just fall into place and enjoying and relishing in the now is pure ease. that is what happened last weekend.

adam and i drove up to seattle and spent a glorious weekend together and with friends.  the highlights: dinner at sitka and spruce with 2 of our dear friends; a gorgeous, sunny, 12-mile run around the city; sitting in the sun, drinking wine and watching all of our friends’ kids run around and play on the slip-n-slide; more sun and wine followed by dinner and connecting with some of our best friends in the entire world.

all of it was simply perfect.

my mom had a very special birthday last week.  in honor of which, i baked this cake.  a (gluten free!) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, to be exact. (i actually baked three of them, but let’s not get into that now).  it was delicious and my mom loved it.

i totally lucked out getting the mom i got.  she’s completely amazing, but doesn’t even seem to realize it.  she’s one of the kindest, most generous and thoughtful people i know.  she was and still a fabulous mother and now that i’m an adult she’s a best friend.  she the one that always knows just the right thing to say when i’m at my lowest…or my highest, for that matter.  she is, however, a rather dangerous shopping partner as she can help me rationalize buying just about anything.

there’s nothing that i’ll ever be able to do to repay my mom for all that she’s done for me.  or even all of the delicious birthday cakes she’s baked for me over the years.  but hopefully, in some small way, this cake showed her how much i love and appreciate her.

happy birthday, momma!  love you.

week 13.

here are a few photos from our christmas.  my parents are the best hosts i know.  everything always looks so beautiful and the food is unbelievably delicious.  i’m always amazed at how seamlessly they pull it off.  practice, i guess!

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