please excuse what is about to be an excessive amount of catching up over the next few days.  i have committed to sitting my butt down to catch up my 52 week project.  here goes…

week 18 gave me a much-needed reprieve from the stress and craziness of the prior weeks.  i was able to take some deep breaths and let my mind wander and think about things other than painful training runs and stressful deadlines.  inevitably, my mind wandered to food.  the sign of a true foodie.  i spent a lot of time ogling over some of my favorite food blogs and trying to figure out just what i wanted to test out. this rainbow chard tart with rosemary almond meal crust from roost jumped out at me.  not only is it gluten free and easy to make dairy free, but the recipe also called for chard, which i never know what to do with and had just received in our csa box.  it was meant to be.  and who am i to turn down a delicious sign like that?

i’m happy to report it came out perfectly.  the herb-specked crust was crumbly and buttery and the savory, not-overly-eggy filling was a perfect complement.  adam gave it two thumbs up, which is always a good sign.