phew!  april is OVER. it was challenging, let me tell you. it was one of those months that i look back on and wonder how in the world i managed to get through it in once piece. and how my husband still seems to love me despite the fact i rarely saw him and when i did, i was just plain unpleasant.

april culminated in the eugene half marathon that adam and i have been training for for the past 2 months. the training program was pretty brutal as we both had lofty time goals. adam fared much better than i. it became apparent to me about 1 month into training that i was not going to do as well as i hoped.  my body just wasn’t ready for the pace i wanted it to run. and then work cranked into high gear, sleep became elusive, training runs reduced me to tears, and i started resenting adam for being so damn fast. the more frustrated i got, the uglier it got. oddly – that didn’t help. i kept training, but finally resolved that i wouldn’t be finishing the race with a pr. good thing, too – i didn’t.

but, on sunday, april 29th, i walked to the start line on a cold, crisp morning with the most incredible guy i know, gave him a kiss before he left me in the dust, and powered through 13.1 miles on my own. there were good spots and bad spots.  the good: some girl told me i had cute shoes.  the bad: i thought i was going to throw up at mile 12.  the good: i didn’t.

i ended up getting my second best time.  not a pr, but not a terrible showing for the crazy month i had and the crappy training runs i endured.  this is the medal i got at the finish line. i don’t usually like or care about race medals. but this one? it’s a keeper.  i earned it, in more ways than one.

(oh, but while we are talking about earning things, adam is really the deserving one. his medal should have been made of gold with “best husband ever” engraved on the front).