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hi there. i’ve been told it’s officially summer. i’ll believe it when i see it. despite the fact that portland’s weather doesn’t reflect summer until after the 4th of july, there are still hopeful signs of summer every where we look. berry season around here is particularly exciting. i would really like to know exactly how many pounds of berries adam and i are able to scarf down in the few fleeting months that berries are in season. or maybe i don’t.  i’m sure it’s an obscenely large amount. while we are perfectly happy to eat the lovely strawberries from the farmers market just as is, i came across this wonderful spiced strawberry sauce recipe and just had to try it for the father’s day brunch i cooked for one of the best chefs i know, my dad. my dad is a former professional chef, so cooking for him is every so slightly intimidating. (though he is never critical, thankfully). he appeared to think the sauce was tasty, so i’m calling the recipe a keeper.  i served it with these biscuits, but i think it would be amazing in and on any number of things from granola to oatmeal to toast, to….well, straight out of the jar, which is how i managed to polish it off.

a word on the recipe:  i didn’t have star anise or a vanilla bean, so i subbed with a bit of nutmeg and vanilla extract and it worked just fine.

one of my very favorite things to do on saturday morning in the summer is to walk to the farmers market at portland state university.  it is by far the largest farmers market i’ve even been to.  if you love food, it’s pretty much nirvana.  imo, the market gets better every year.  more variety, different vendors, and more excitement.  it’s not exactly a well-kept secret, however.  so if you’re a serious market shopper and really need those leeks for saturday night dinner, you better get there early.  berry season will soon be upon us, which is really when the market gets into full swing – i can’t wait.  being one of my favorite places on earth, i couldn’t pick just one photo…so here are 6!

my mom had a very special birthday last week.  in honor of which, i baked this cake.  a (gluten free!) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, to be exact. (i actually baked three of them, but let’s not get into that now).  it was delicious and my mom loved it.

i totally lucked out getting the mom i got.  she’s completely amazing, but doesn’t even seem to realize it.  she’s one of the kindest, most generous and thoughtful people i know.  she was and still a fabulous mother and now that i’m an adult she’s a best friend.  she the one that always knows just the right thing to say when i’m at my lowest…or my highest, for that matter.  she is, however, a rather dangerous shopping partner as she can help me rationalize buying just about anything.

there’s nothing that i’ll ever be able to do to repay my mom for all that she’s done for me.  or even all of the delicious birthday cakes she’s baked for me over the years.  but hopefully, in some small way, this cake showed her how much i love and appreciate her.

happy birthday, momma!  love you.

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