adam teases me that i have a couple of serious “girl crushes”. “girl crush” translates to admiration (with a touch of envy) for women who i think are totally awesome.  heidi swanson is one of those women. i am obsessed with her food and photography and am continually inspired by her work. i visit and follow her blog religiously, cook nearly one “heidi-inspired” recipe a week, follow her on flickr, and was starstruck when i met her at her book signing in portland last year. you get the idea.

heidi recently started this cool little pop-up shop called quitokeeto. despite having no idea what the name meant (i still don’t), as soon as i heard about it, i knew it was going to be fabulous. imo, heidi has impeccable taste when it comes to food and art. her choices for the first collection of her shop did not disappoint – they were varied, interesting, artistic, and just lovely. i wanted to buy everything. but in an impressive showing of restraint, i opted for just one thing: a set of petite picardie glasses. they are small, simple, and perfect for a pour of house wine or a bit of juice. love.

you can tell just how much thought and artistry went into quitokeeto, and how every detail was considered and selected with care – from the wonderful box design down to the handwritten thank-you note on the receipt, taped to the inside of the box. my girl crush is completely well-founded, thank you very much.